Drama Movie , Action , Adventure , Romance , Chinese: "Singing All Along Engsub 2016" full set 52 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
Singing All Along Engsub from the novel paint Giang Tu Le, tells of the love between girls have an appearance but the whole Yin Lihua and founding emperor of the Eastern Han Liu Xiu, work together to build a beautiful Jiangshan . Lijiang Son Tu Tan dynasty years, at the Institute of Thai Studies Chang'an, Liu Xiu befriended Deng Yu, Liu Hsuan, Feng Di, are all handsome young men of talent, along with Yin Lihua school.
Martial arts movies Singing All Along Engsub A few years later, Wang Man brutal rule, Taiwan galaxy. Save Tu according prefects Save Sub stood up in revolt. Yin Lihua disguise as a man and women, under the names sound the same size support. From uprising to War Farewell Con Duong Lang, Liu Xiu and combat insurgents shoulder, bloody sa school. But then Luu Huyen unexpectedly proclaimed Emperor, taboo fraternal Save Family should have murdered Save Forum.
Save Tu painful compression, taking as his wife Yin Lihua, offline resources make Luu Huyen loose vigilance, to Liu Xiu Hebei up to rebel. Save Tu quietly building forces, through innumerable difficulties, with the help of Yin Lihua, Deng Yu, Feng Di, Scene Cover all with each other the same affliction. In the difficult situation, the king made Hebei Liuyang the military potential, wanted an alliance with Liu Xiu. Since taking Office as key university, Liu Xiu painful compression separated spouse - Yin Lihua, to a close with guo shengtong - granddaughter of Liuyang.
Later, Liu Xiu associated with Dang Vu player, Feng Di, spent more than 10 years of constant effort, ended the fray, pacification Hebei, overthrow Liu Hsuan, the capital of Luoyang, founded the Eastern Han ...
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