If you want a memorable trip to Asia with tight cheap Vietnam holiday packages must be the choice. Vietnam is a key destination of Southeast Asia is for travelers. Between the beautiful mountains of the north, Ha Long Bay, the imperial and other cities, the choice is vast! Some also choose to live there after their holiday to Vietnam

Save your money for a holiday in Vietnam

What should you know to set budget for a trip to Vietnam
When talking about travel, whether in Vietnam or elsewhere, the budget issue arises. Between airfare, visa, hotel, transport ... sometimes there enough hair pulling. I will give some solutions for a cheap Vietnam holiday packages.
This is to prevent you grind your brain that I propose to shed light on this point regarding Vietnam.

What budget for a trip to Vietnam
To set your budget, it is essential to know what you want to do during your trip to Vietnam and list the expenses!
Two types of costs should be taken into account: the expenses that you will perform before your stay and those that you will perform for.
Before leaving Vietnam:
● Air tickets: integral part of the budget, especially if you are traveling with family, it will weigh heavily in the balance
● Visa: Mandatory for all trips in Vietnam, whether for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month ..For the latter I give you the trick to get your visa to Vietnam
● Things that you will buy for you: We do not necessarily think to include in the budget, but you will surely need a backpack, a practical guide or a new swimsuit.
● Vaccines and other expenses for your travel pharmacy. For example, if you decide to buy an anti malaria treatment for a month-long journey, you will have for 150 USD...

Once arrived in Vietnam:
● Accommodation: you have several choices for staying in Vietnam. From simple Guest house to prestigious hotels through conventional hotels, you will be spoiled for choice.
● Eating: Everything is possible in Vietnam, street restaurants, canteens, gourmet restaurants, there is in all budgets. You can have a meal for a few euros.
● Transportation: The transportation No. 1 to get around the city is the motorcycle taxi (Xe Om). It is also one of the least expensive, provided of course to find negotiated and never (yes, never) accept the first price announced (often 10,000 to 30,000 dong more expensive). You will also have the opportunity to take the bus (5000 VND, 0.20 cents), but it takes a minimum of knowing the city. Come later are the taxis! ideal when your budget is high!
● Excursions: It goes without saying that if you visit Vietnam, you will not stay in one place for 2 weeks. Many things are to visit!
● Miscellaneous: I mean souvenirs, evenings, cafe sua da ... (iced coffee with condensed milk)
● Unexpected: We think there very rarely, but it is always good to predict. Especially for those who travel on long courtyard. Whether for an accident (which I do not want you), a financial contingency (TV fee that falls right during your stay, it's lived)

Vietnam: the budget for the backpacker, the vacationer and expatriates!
It's time to budget for all, and for that I offer three scenarios or 3 types of travelers with a daily estimate.
Budget backpacker in Vietnam:
● Accommodation: for a Guest house / dorm, it takes 5-9 USD a night
● Eat: You can eat for 2 euros in a classic restaurant (there right in the neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City for backpackers), so 3 meal for 6 euros.
● Transport: By focusing on bus and taxi motorbike, between USD 1 and USD 5
● Excursions: Many excursions are offered as a package transportation, business and catering. All with an inflated price because it includes the commission. However it is possible to visit the places by yourself and prepare your sandwich.
Total average budget for a day: 16 USD
Besides beer and water ;-), to get an idea, count 20,000 dong (0.70 cts) beer (depending on where you consumed) and 15,000 (0.50 cts) the bottle 'water.

Holidaymaker budget in Vietnam:
● Accommodation: average price of a hotel, count 14 USD for one person and 18 for two. Here is the Duc Vuong hotel that I like to Ho Chi Min City.
● Eating: Counting a budget of 4 to 10 euros per meal. I take into account the fact that we're here to have fun and eat well. An average of 21 USD a day.
● Transport: From taxi and motorcycle taxi, take an average of 10 USD per day
● Excursions: A visit to the Mekong Delta day from Ho Chi Minh City, it will cost 12 USD per day including transportation mini van, restaurant on site, and visit.
Total average budget for a day: 47 USD

Budget for expatriate in Vietnam:
● Accommodation: renting an apartment, prices can vary from 150 euros for a single apartment at 600 euros to see a large apartment. If you rent an apartment in Vietnam, I met a friendly and reliable super agency that offers apartments at reasonable prices. Namely that the charges are not included and are asked generally 1-2 months deposit. You should know that everything is negotiable in Vietnam.
● Eating: Halfway between the holiday and the backpacker, knowing that it will be possible to cook yourself. Here's an indication of prices on the Vietnamese market. To know that you are "tourists," as you always pay more than a local and you will have to negotiate on each item.
● Transport: Assume that you have your own motobike. Count 250 USD for the "purchase". For the price per liter of gasoline, if I remember correctly it was about 20,000 dong (0.70 cents) per liter.
● Excursions: same rate as vacationers, but once there you will have the opportunity to know all the tips.
This is obviously an estimate, there is often a difference between budgeted and we practice. This remains an indispensable step to travel. In a general way, the prices remain the same as you are north or south of Vietnam. Life is however cheaper if you stay outside the major cities. It's a bit the same in other countries.

And finally, here are some examples of prices:
● Coffee: USD 0.60
● a beer: USD 0.70
● water bottle USD 0.15
● a can of Coke: USD 0.60
● Milksalke (strawberry, avocado, mango ...): USD 0,80
● Pho (Viet soup): 1,20 USD
● A meal (drink, meal and dessert): USD 5
● A body massage of one hour: USD 4
These prices are average, it may be that you have to pay more or less depending on where you eat. The price of a beer will not be the same if you take in a trendy bar than if you take it in the greasy spoon around the corner.

Moreover, Vietnam is a good base for exploring the region. Flights are cheap thanks to low cost airlines in Southeast Asia.