Unlike many other services, office moving service is the type of service that users need to consider and think about quite a lot of factors before choosing a moving company. Because this is a job that affects not only many people, it is also related to the operation of the whole business during that time. This is also a big problem for many companies in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City.

Understanding that, Vietnam Moving provides office removal services to bring more convenience and benefits for businesses when they need to move offices in the cities.

Why should you use the office moving service in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam Moving?
Save time

When using the Vietnam Moving office removal service, the first value you will receive is time saving. We have a scientific workflow along with experienced staff so the moving process will be implemented extremely quickly and professionally.

Save costs

There are countless people who move themselves or just rent a transportation car to move the office for the reason of saving costs. However, you may expect yourself to face some risks. First of all, it is a matter of time and energy to do everything yourself. Most importantly, you may not be able to afford to keep your belongings safe during office relocation.

office moving service

When using the Vietnam Moving office removal service, the first value you will receive is time saving

With Vietnam Moving office removal service, we will ensure the safety of your items. With any damage during the moving process, we will compensate 100% of the damage value.

Not only that, Vietnam Moving offers the office moving package with cheap price of only VND100,000. Whoever you are, large or small scale companies you can use the services of Vietnam Moving.

With the price of office moving services in Ho Chi Minh City as above, we ensure it is always 10-15% lower than market prices. There are many promotions available to customers if you are the one who contacted us today.

No longer tired and exhausted

Everyone knows that moving office is the most laborious task. Especially for the office staff all year round just used to sit at the desk. So, things will get messy when people who are not experienced, not as strong as you decide to move the office by yourself.

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But do not worry, office moving package in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam Moving will help you rest because we have the team of skilled, strong and experienced. Your only job is to accept and evaluate the results immediately after we deliver the product.

Minimize risk and loss

With a reputable office moving service such as Vietnam Moving, the risk commitment term is an important factor that makes customers trust. We are known in the market as a prestigious company that will help your belongings extremely safe.

Modern office moving equipment

Vietnam Moving Company owns a state-of-the-art system of facilities and equipment to ensure the fastest and most efficient office moving process. The company has a truck fleet with a variety of pickup trucks, lightweight and heavy weight trucks, etc to be able to flexibly coordinate the moving on different terrains and routes.

In addition, there are forklifts, trolleys and specialized tools to help lift and transport large weight objects. Moreover, Vina Moving office moving services also provide specialized equipment for packing, covering, protecting items during moving such as carton, foam, wrapping paper, wrapping fabric, duct tape, disassembly tools, etc.

Responsibility of Vietnam Moving for customers who use our full office moving package
office moving company

Responsibility of Vietnam Moving for customers who use our full office moving package

As a company that provide office moving service as well as general moving across the country, Vietnam Moving always worry about how to help customers get a peace of mind when using our services.

Vietnam Moving guarantees the prestige and responsibility when customers use the office moving package – Speed and savings

Unlike other unreliable units that only care about profitability, Vietnam Moving always hopes to bring peace of mind to every customer using Vietnam Moving office moving service and moving house service. If there is any dissatisfaction from the customer, we always take responsibility for our shortcomings.

By terms of the contract, Vietnam Moving's cheap office moving service commits that customers only pay if they are satisfied with the quality of service. We always listen and change to suit your wishes.

Over the years, Vietnam Moving is gradually becoming the leading provider of office moving services in HCM City. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you need.

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