With balloon flight services during the festival days, Moc Chau in northwest Vietnam tours promises to be one of the most attractive destinations in this autumn.

After many successful experiments, balloon festival officially kicks off on 1st September and will close on 3rd September at the Central Square, Moc Chau district, province Son La with many exciting programs. Two main activities will take place in the festival are: Welcome sunrise on balloon and Balloon light night.

Peaceful beauty of Moc Chau from air balloon

Visitors on their northwest Vietnam tours will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Moc Chau from above with the feeling of nature blend with flight services in the period from 5.30 to 9.00 and 17.00 - 19.00 during the holidays. The balloon festival is participated by many hot air balloon pilots from around the world such as India, Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam hotels in Sin Ho Vietnam...

Balloon light night will be held on the evening of 2nd or 3rd September with Feel the Beat concert with the participation of many favorite music bands, comedy groups. Along with that, the balloon festival night will take place at the stadium Moc Chau with many community dances and performance of fire phoenix.

2nd September is Vietnam national day, is the biggest holiday for ethnic Thai, H'mong in Moc Chau. At the festival, people wear the most beautiful clothes to the town, participate in activities such as tug of war, fanned dance, beat tu lu...
Do not miss the opportunity to experience the thrill while hanging in the sky and flying freely in the Moc Chau sky by balloon and participate in Independence Day Festival with the H'mong ethnic people in the festival tours to northwest Vietnam.

Admission is VND 30,000/ticket, experience of suspended flying from 150,000 VND and free flying is 6.5 million VND for 40-60 minutes flight from the Central square to the Moc Chau farm.