Film Emotional, Psychological, Thailand : Lovey Dovey (2016) full set 14 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
Lovey Dovey Movie (2016) , Lovey Dovey comic series based on the popular animated "The Dao Hoa Love" with the participation of Chutavuth Pattarakhampol March. Namcha, Bie KPN, Pearwah Nichaphat. The film tells about the complex relationship of two brothers and two sisters Kongfah (Bie) Daonua brother (March) and Kookkay (Namcha) sister Khayoan (Pearwah). Daonua Kookkay secretly liked since I was in Grade 8 but Kookkay was a close friend of his brother.
Daonua once confessed to being Kookkay Kookkay but refused, making him feel self-love young people, but not so that His love faded, back to the opposite Kongfah Kookkay sister. 4 people relationship becomes more complicated when you have misunderstood Kookkay overnight with Daonua .. The story of 4 young people will be like invite you to watch "Love your peach blossom".
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