Slot games are known as very easy to play, but it does not mean they are not attractive and adventure, especially Great blue - the high variance slot game. With high variance slot game like great blue, sharing and learning tips, tricks or strategies between players and webs is very important and have great meaning in playing game. And I hope this article will become where we can discuss and learn to play the best great blue slot game.

Before joining the main part, I still want to introduce necessary information about great blue slot game. It is a video betting game which has 25 pay lines and 5 reels. This slot game also offers scatter symbol and wild symbol like other slot. But this is not all, Great blue provides gamble feature and bonus round or called as free spins game.

Bet the smallest size possible

This trick is really good, especially for new members who don’t really master rules of game. You also can play for free at first but if you bet a little money, you will find the game is more adventure. Playing with the smallest amount also help you build up your bankroll.Play with all 25 pay lines

This trick allows you can get all prizes of great blue as possible. We cannot know which reels will contain winning symbols or winning combination. Therefore, bet all 25 pay lines is the best way to get all of them. But you do not need to bet with high amount, just bet the smallest size to save your money. Then, when you gain all prizes and your bankroll is enough to bet max, you can bet max is you want. Therefore, you use money from prizes to bet.

Try to get all free bonuses

Online slot games often provide more bonus program than other real games. It is gold chance for you to get as many as free bonuses possible. These free bonuses have important meaning in your winning. You know, there are many people lose the game when they lack a bit little luck. And at this time, free bonus will be their luck.

Ignore the gamble feature

I know gamble feature help you to double your wins in main game. But it is very adventure and you can lose your entire bankroll if you try to win this gamble feature. I suggest you don’t need to waste time for it to save your time and money.

Set limit of losses

Before you play any ****** games example malaysia online ****** including great blue, the first step is know how much money you are ready to play and set limit for it. This trick helps you to manage your money efficiently. You will know when to stop and avoid becoming a troublemaker for your family from playing slot game.

Above are my tricks. If you have any tips, tricks or strategies to play better great blue, give comment and we will discuss and develop them. Welcome!

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